Established in 2023,  Mask Network Academy as the non-profit entity of Mask Network, provides funding and donations as well as technological collaborations to the world's top universities and journalism programs, with the goal of promoting Web3 research and story-telling.


Suji Yan is the founder of Mask Network and Academy. He studied computer engineering at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Dropping out of university at the age of 20, Suji in 2017 founded Mask Network protocol, which has become a leader in the vibrant decentralized social network ecosystem. Suji is a firm believer in supporting communities and Web 3 education. He has made sizable donations to universities and NGOs such as UIUC, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and RadicalxChange to support related research and events.


Nancy Wu, runs the non-profit Academy at Mask Network. She is a veteran reporter who has worked in top-notch international media outlets including the WSJ and SCMP with a focus on the tech industry. She became a media entrepreneur in 2016 and co-founded two media startups which covered well-known tech unicorns and aspiring entrepreneurs. She is an alumna of U.C. Berkeley and Harvard University.


April 2024, donation to HKUST Crypto Fintech Lab


November 2023, donation to the non-profit Mastodon



February, 2024 MOU signed, Korea University Blockchain Research Institute